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for melioration, mining, civil engineering.

The machine is used for preliminary no-splinter crushing of bulky rocks.

 The crushing is caused by an electric-hydraulic shock inside the hole drilled in the rock. The high-voltage discharge is initiated in the liquid poured into the hole.

Power supply

220-380 V, 10 kW

Operating voltage

5-10 kV

Stored energy

up to 100 kJ

Number of working elements


Operating current

up to 150 kA

Discharge duration

100 ms

Hole depth

0.5 - 0.8 m or more

Hole diameter

~ 30 mm

Maximum volume of stone crushed by one  pulse

1 - 1.5 m3

Granite mass crushed by one pulse

2-6 tons


2400*1700*1200 mm*mm*mm

Working temperature

-10 +400 C

 Possible applications:

  • Crushing of concrete and brick basements and constructions, especially in complicated geometry and operation conditions.

  • Excavation of stone and rocks.

  • Passivation of granite monoliths.

  • Production of drilled piles with the effectiveness doubled in comparison with conventional process.

  • Building basement reconstruction